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About me

Coach and Head & Heart of «Change for Growth»

The trigger for my path to becoming a coach and founding "Change for Growth" was the realization that I had already been stuck in my supposed "comfort zone" for far too long. Great job, attractive career, exciting projects, endless interesting learning fields. Sounds perfect. It was for a long time. But the feeling that I was missing something had become stronger and stronger. 

However, I avoided the latent question of the concrete what, and how I could achieve it, for a long time. I knew instinctively that the answer to the question would no longer allow a way back, because I would have to move, break old patterns, face fears and uncertainties. In short: a roller coaster ride with many imponderables would await me. And for a long time I was not ready for this.

But the moment came when the possibilities for change and growth appealed to me more than staying in the supposedly safe "comfort zone". This insight gave me the energy to take the path to realising my dreams and shaping my life according to MY ideas.

The founding of "Change for Growth" is a crucial milestone for me on my life's journey. But even as I write this, I am already on my next stage.

I will continue to develop and change, both as a person and as a coach. How can I remain unchanged in a world that is constantly and ever more rapidly changing? How can anyone today remain unaffected?


From the certainty that life is constant change and growth, I draw my passion and ambition for what I stand for with "Change for Growth"

  • To accompany people who want to change something in important areas of their lives and who are willing to reflect on their behavior, their attitudes

  • Listening to them, and also perceiving what they convey between the lines

  • Asking them good questions, even critical ones, while occasionally respectfully questioning their answers, and helping them sort out their thoughts and emotions

  • But also to be uncomfortable when they threaten to go off track, get stuck again, or fall into old patterns

  • Backing them emotionally when necessary

But above all:
Every coaching with me is as individual and unique as my clients are!

My Background

Professional & project experience
  • 25+ years of leadership experience - traditional line management as well as functional management in a matrix in various companies in the financial services industry.

  • thereof 14+ years Head Human Resources of an international, multicultural division of a Swiss financial services provider and member of the extended Executive Committee

  • 4 years Principal Consultant in an international consulting firm

  • Extensive project experience in local and international projects such as Human Resources related integration projects in the context of mergers & acquisitions, in- & outsourcings as well as closure of operating units, cost efficiency programs, change programs, closed benchmarks and many others.

Education and training​
  • 2022 Masters in Executive Coaching, Hult Ashridge International Business School, UK 

  • 2022 Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Coaching and Ashridge Accredited Executive Coach

  • 2022 European Individual Award (EIA) as Senior Practitioner EMCC  
    (European Mentoring & Coaching Council)

  • 2021 Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, Hult Ashridge International Business School, UK

  • Various trainings and advanced trainings in management and human resources as well as change-related topics, workshop moderation

  • Lawyer (legal assistant according to German law), University of Konstanz (DE)

  • German

  • English

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