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Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better through change.

Jim Rohn

Are you ready for change?

Which of these statements applies to you...?

For your demanding exciting leadership activity you want more clarity, confidence and you want to increase your impact. Be it in dealing with the many challenges at work, in difficult leadership situations, in your life, or all of the above. 

You are at the transition to the next career step and ask yourself what really suits you: your desires, your skills, your personality? How do you get there? Which behavior patterns support you in achieving your goals, which ones stand in your way?

You feel stuck and dissatisfied in your job, in your life, but you don't see clearly what you really want, where you want to go, what you are willing to change, or what you can do to free yourself from this stuckness. 

Why coaching?


You have already achieved a lot. And yet you miss clarity:
Who am I? What do I really want? What am I drawn to? What do I need to change in order to develop personally? And how can I realize my goals, my dreams?


It is important to you to stay true to yourself while meeting the many challenges of your position, career and life. At the same time, you want to become more authentic, more satisfied and ultimately more successful. All this in accordance with your personal ideas and values.


You yourself define what success is for you personally and what it means to you! As an important part of a future in which you find satisfaction and fulfillment both in your work and in your private life. In a future that also includes room for your own wishes and dreams.

Weshalb Coaching

Your path to change and growth

Change is hard. For that, we have to take a good look at ourselves - our thinking, our behavior and our attitudes. For that, we have to look at everything, also the parts we don't like.

Despite all the dissatisfaction, we find it hard to move. After all, we know our way around this zone. When we set out, we do not yet know what awaits us on our path of change. Even the destination is often still hidden in the fog. 

Changing the way we look at things and ourselves is essential to understanding the real goal and developing the way to get there. This also results in a new way of seeing and thinking. 

Crystallizing your new goals is one of the biggest challenges. But if the goal is worth the effort, it is sufficient incentive to get there.

In our cooperation, you feel perceived, heard and accepted as the person you are.  Our interaction is characterized by openness, respect, trust and absolute confidentiality.

About me


Clarity, authenticity and success - the questions behind these terms have increasingly preoccupied me in all areas of my life. Especially when I began to realize how little the commonly used definitions for them had to do with my own ideas and values. 


«You don't have to be great to start. But you have to start to become great.»   

Zig Ziglar

Your first step

 You want to learn more about coaching with me?

In an initial, approximately 30-minute, free consultation - usually as a video call - the focus is on finding out what you are looking for, what is important to you, and what coaching can do for you.
Above all, we determine whether the chemistry between us is right as an essential basis for our cooperation.

I look forward to seeing you!

Anker Ihr erster Schritt

Where I coach

Wo ich coache

    With me    


   With you  






—  G.M., People & Transformation Manager - Financial Industry

"Through my coaching with Martina I have developed valuable new perspectives on myself and my issues. With her holistic, individual approach, adapted to me and my issues and needs, she has supported me in placing myself with my personal interests and goals at the centre, while at the same time pursuing my professional ambitions. Today I am much more successful in meeting the different ambitions and at the same time setting boundaries. Martina knows how to give impulses for new thinking with the help of the right questions and to use her wealth of experience in the right places. I might not have wished for a better coach!"


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